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Paint Booth Maintenance: It requires a team to work together as a total approach to paint booth maintenance. The paint booth chemicals play very important part of the total program. The goal of paint booth maintenance is to ensure equipment longevity while facilitating ease of use.

General Chemical Corp. has developed a complete line of highly effective paint booth maintenance products. By approaching the subject from the end-user perspective, we strive to discover exactly what our customers seek, and then to exceed their expectations.

General Chemical Corp.’s paint booth maintenance solutions enhance efficiency and lower production costs, resulting in a safer and more efficient workplace.

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General chemical is a worldwide supplier of  strippable liquid masking film for temporary protective coatings of various surface such as glass , metals, thermosetting plastics , acrylics ,equipment, cement and other surface for temporarily protection during industrial process and material handling . General chemical Corp.  has a complete line of peelable coatings to meet your challenging requirement . If we do not have something to meet your specific needs , then we will work closely with you to develop the product.

History of General Chemical

General Chemical is a pioneer and worldwide supplier in supplying water based & solvent based fast drying Temporary protective Peelable & strippable coatings for variety of surfaces and substrates such as Bath Tubs, Windows, paint spray booth, glass, decal, wood and others to protect it temporarily during industrial process, construction or in material handling. Complete Line of Temporary protective Removable Peelable coatings to provide temporary masking , protection, decoration or long term preservation. Applied as a liquid by spray ,roller or brush, these coatings dry to form a skin-tight plastic film which can simply be peeled away when required, without damage to the substrate surface.

General Chemical Corporation is a proven supplier for more than quarter of a century for paint strippers to remove paints from various substrates such as aluminum, ferrous and non metallic surfaces. Our paint strippers are widely used by the world’s largest paint manufacturers to maintain their production facilities. Both cold and hot tank paint strippers supplied. Today’s new paints and environmental requirements have made paint stripping more complex and difficult than ever before. General Chemical can provide you with a paint strippers or paint removers products for every paint stripping operation including maintenance of floors and paint striping of equipment in your painting department , General Chemical has extensive experience in supplying Paint strippers for cleaning container like TOTE or IBC Tanker truck.

Since its beginning in 1980 General Chemical Corporation has supplied soldering fluxes to Copper Brass Radiator plants around the world. Our soldering fluxes are designed to reduce or virtually eliminate corrosion in soldered joints. General Chemical Corporation has expanded its product line to include lubricants and cleaners that will not interfere with soldering processes. General Chemical Corporation is a prime player in supplying soldering fluxes fore cast on strap battery manufacturers. General Chemical Corp. offers a complete line of compatible Lubricants, cleaners and Anti staining Agents For Rolling Mills , copper/brass & Aluminum Processing.


We take pride in our ability to solve our customer’s chemical problems. Our technical and customer service are world class. Our sales people are well trained and knowledgeable in the industry they serve. They have the technical know-how to help. In many cases they speak the native language of our customers. We have sales people available who speak English, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Hindi. We have sales people stationed in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa ,Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

Our Services

General Chemical’s Industrial Solutions has begun a new era in worldwide supply capabilities for solutions for manufacturers. We’ve proven we’re more than just another company. Our experience combined with our expertise can help you get the most out of your chemical dollar. General Chemical Industrial Solutions is designed specifically as a cost-cutting device. Our goal is to take your business to the next level and customize a plan to save you time, manpower and, most importantly, money.


As one of the most experienced chemical companies in our fields in the world, we know that, historically, chemical companies’ services have been reserved for supplying only existing products for your application. Plus their results have been poorly documented and inconsistently applied, resulting in savings that aren’t clearly defined or substantiated. But General Chemical Industrial Solutions is different. We cover the entire gamut of services, we survey your need, and we research and provide solution for you specific manufacturing process.