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Tacky Booth Coating 3228

A water based, soft, clear, temporary, tacky booth coating that provides an excellent barrier for both water based and solvent based paints and is easily removed by scraping.


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Product Description

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 is a very tacky, clear, water-based paint spray booth wall masking designed to be removed by scraping or by cold water spray. This product is used to protect booth walls and center track conveyor covers from paint overspray. It substantially reduces the amount of time necessary to remove paint overspray. It also reduces the amount of paint strippers that may be used in booth cleaning operations.

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 is a clear masking that remains very tacky and moist, making it especially suited for modular paint booths and robotic painting operations. It is readily removed with low to moderate pressure, water spray or manual scraping.

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 is designed for use in water spray booths. For dry booths, please refer to our peelable coatings at www.strippablecoating.com.

TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Tacky Booth Coating, Water washable coating for spray booth walls
Appearance: Clear, viscous, odorless liquid
Viscosity: 45,000-70,000 cps
Specific Gravity: 1.0-1.1
Flash Point: None to boiling
VOC: 0.2-0.3 lbs/gal
pH: 6.0-7.0

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 can be applied by brush, spray or roller. It is used as received, no dilution is needed.
Tacky Booth Coating 3228 can be applied with airless spray equipment. When applying material over a large area, a 30:1 ratio airless spray unit with a 0.035” fluid orifice in the spray gun will provide good results.

Airless equipment can be extremely hazardous. It is recommended that all precautionary information regarding the operation of an airless gun be read, understood, and followed.

The surface to be coated should be clean and relatively dry for best adhesion of the coating.

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 should be sprayed in a uniform film of 10-mils to 15-mils wet thickness.

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 is readily removed with cold or hot water at low to moderate spray pressure or by manual scraping.

Tacky Booth Coating 3228 must be protected from freezing. If product should become frozen, warm to ambient temperature and mix thoroughly before using.

Water based
Soft, scrape-able film
Water rinse-able
Long lasting tack
Easily applied

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