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Tacky Oven Coating 1493

A polymeric based coating, used in high temperature paint ovens, that remains tacky at temperatures up to 325°F for extended periods of time.


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Product Description

Tacky Oven Coating 1493 is a polymeric based coating, formulated for use in high temperature paint ovens. This product is applied to aluminum foil or aluminum trays on oven floors to trap air borne particulates that may otherwise be deposited on freshly painted surfaces. Tacky Oven Coating 1493 remains tacky for extended periods of time at temperatures up to 325 °F. This material is easy to use and contains no HAP or SARA reportable.

Appearance: Clear viscous liquid
Flash point: 105°F (TCC)
Wt/gal: 6.6 – 6.8 lbs/gal
VOC: 4.7 lb/gal

Tacky Oven Coating 1493 is most effective and retains its intended tack life when applied to aluminum foil, aluminized panels or shallow, fabricated aluminum trays placed in the bottom of the oven. Application to steel surfaces tends to shorten the tack life of the coating.

After coating application, gradually bring the oven up to operating temperature with the exhaust fans running.
Tacky Oven Coating 1493 can be applied by brush, spray or roller. Airless spraying is the preferred method of application. It is used as received, no dilution is needed.

Tacky Oven Coating 1493 can be applied with airless spray equipment. A 0.035” or larger fluid orifice in the spray gun should be used. Equipment should be cleaned and flushed with mineral spirits after application.

Airless equipment can be extremely hazardous. It is recommended that all precautionary information regarding the operation of an airless gun be read, understood, and followed.

The surface to be coated should be clean and relatively dry for best adhesion of the coating.

Tacky Oven Coating 1493 should be sprayed in a uniform film of 10-mils to 15-mils wet thickness which will provide a recommended dry film of 3 to 5 mils. Do not exceed 30 wet mils.

If applied to aluminum foil, periodically roll up the foil being careful to contain any particulates on the surface. Dispose of the foil as solids waste. Clean-up of equipment or spills can be made with mineral spirits. Tacky Oven Coating 1493 can also be removed by raising the oven temperature to 450 to 500 °F. At this temperature the coating decomposes to carbon dioxide and water.

Tacky Oven Coating 1493 should be stored where the temperature will not exceed 80 °F.

NOTE: Although Tacky Oven Coating 1493 should not cause paint defects on parts entering the paint oven, test panels should be run to verify the compatibility of the coating with the particular paint and process involved using the product in production. Compatibility should be retested any time the paint or process is changed.

High temp effectiveness
Easy to use
Self cleaning
No HAP or SARA reportables

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